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Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPS) General Party Branch (GBP) China Pharmaceutical University has in total 43 members, consists of 6 party branches (Office Party Branch, Pharmacokinetic Laboratory Party Branch, New Drug Research Center Party Branch, New Drug Screening Center Party Branch, Safety Evaluation Center Party Branch, Analysis & Test Center Party Branch).

Since inception, the General Party Branch has always taken the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance. Under the correct leadership of CPU Party Committee, the GPB conscientiously studies and thoroughly applies the Scientific Outlook on Development. The GPB also promotes the work of IPS and plays a political key role in IPS, adhering to the principle of strengthening our ideological and political education and serving the front-line of our scientific research. Based on the harmonious and stable development of IPS, powered by the innovation of research and administration, we will unite IPS, keep pace with times and engage in exploitation and innovation to make a great contribution to the scientific research of our university.


The System of General Party Branch

Secretary: Liu Xiaodong

Vice Secretary: Yang Yong

Organize committee: Xie Lin

Disciplinary inspection committee: Sun Hongbin

Publicize committee: Zhang Zhiqiang


Party Branches:

Office Party Branch Secretary: Zhang Zhiqiang

New Drug Research Center Party Branch Secretary: Zhang Can

New Drug Screening Center Party Branch Secretary: Liao Hong

Safety Evaluation Center Party Branch Secretary: Wang Haiyang

Analysis & Test Center Party Branch Secretary: Wang Yougen

Pharmacokinetic Laboratory Party Branch Secretary: Xie Lin


Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Labor Union Members

Chairman: Wang Yougen

Vice Chairman: Zhang Zhiqiang

Organize committee: Wang Jiankun

Welfare committee: Wang Haiyang

Entertainment committee: Zhang Wenjie

Publicize committee: Jiang Zhenzhou

Female worker committee: Zhou Ping