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bob电子体育竞技官方:Vice President Kong Lingyi led a Team to Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences to Investigate and Guide the Work

Time:2021-05-24   Browse times:163

On May 19, vice president Kong Lingyi went to Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences to guide scientific research. Accompanied were Yao Hequan, director of the Science and Technology Management Office; Sun Libing, deputy directors; Hao Kun and Cai Ting. Zhang Can, President and A Jiye, vice president of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tao Renren, deputy secretary of the Management Committee of Xuanwumen Campus (State Key Laboratory) and officers of the institute attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Can first reported on the development of the institute in recent years, then presented the planning for the next stage, and finally put forward suggestions on the annual assessment and the difficulties in the recent development of the institute. Director Yao Hequan analyzed the recent completion of scientific research and put forward suggestions.

Kong Lingyi fully affirmed the achievements of the institute in scientific research and the efforts made by the leading groups. He pointed out that this year is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. As a department focusing on scientific research, the institute should not only focus on scientific research projects such as National Natural Science Fund, but also raise the awareness of serving social and economic development, further expand enterprise contacts and cooperation, so as to strengthen the integration of government, industry, and research. The institute should strive to develop into an innovative drug research and development base, a scientific incubation platform with popularity and influence at home and abroad as soon as possible.

Vice president Kong Lingyi was communicating with other members at the meeting.